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Our Promise
As a leading bus service provider in Penang, we are committed to provide a safe, reliable and affordable journey for all our commuters. Our aim is to remain as “The Preferred Public Transportation” in Penang. 
Our Service Standards
To ensure that we deliver the best value for all, we strive to meet the following service standards:
  • Our Bus Captains are to be equipped with all relevant and essential knowledge through consistent training sessions; therefore ensuring the safety of our commuters at all times. 

  • Our Bus Captains are to give special attention to the Impaired mobility – Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU), elderly, pregnant women and children at all times. 

  • Consistent maintenance of all buses are to run on schedule, ensuring preventive and predictive maintenance for the fleet. 

  • All buses are equipped with the appropriate safety tools eg. a portable fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency triangle/cone to address any untoward incidents.
Service Reliability
Improving headway is always at the top of our mind. With the help of relevant authorities to ensure further improvements on road infrastructure, traffic control management and enforcement on errant road users, we are determined to provide you with an efficient and reliable mode of transportation within Penang. 
Accessible Information
To ease your travels, each main hub/terminal is fitted with a display panel that provides you with information on destination, routes and bus schedules. Our personnel are also available to assist with your travel queries.  
Clean and Pleasant Ride
Further to our commitment in giving you a great experience when travelling with us, our buses are cleaned daily and maintained regularly. Buses are also fitted with universal access to cater to all categories of travellers. 
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