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  • MRT SBK Line Connectivity
    The line connects you to Sungai Buloh (northwest of KL) and Kajang (southeast of KL) through its 51 km route. It comprises of a 41.5 km elevated guideway with 24 stations and 9.5 km tunnel segment with 7 underground stations. The MRT SBK Line also integrates 7 locations / stations with existing rail lines and 16 stations equipped with park & ride facilities.
    Fully Automatic Operations
    Similar to the Kelana Jaya Line, the operations of the MRT SBK Line trains are fully automatic and operated remotely from the Operations Control Centre (OCC) in Sungai Buloh Depot and a Backup Control Centre (BCC) in Kajang Depot.  
    Ready for Service
    The entire stretch of the MRT SBK Line line will be fully completed and ready for passengers by July 2017. Starting from 15 December 2016, Phase 1 of the MRT SBK Line will be ready to take you from Sungai Buloh (station 1) to Semantan (station 12), at a total estimated travel time of approximately 30 minutes. All trains will turn back to Sungai Buloh at the north portal near Semantan station.
    Phase 2 of the line is estimated to commence by July 2017, taking you from Sungai Buloh (station 1) to Kajang (station 31). Estimated traveling time is 86.3 minutes.
    All trains will be operating at a frequency of 3.5 minutes during peak hours.
    Claim Refunds
    In the event of a service delay greater than 15 minutes, a refund voucher may be made available for paid customers at the Station Manager’s discretion.
    Lost & Found
    Any unattended belongings or children at stations or on trains identified by our staff will be reported and brought to the nearest Station Control Room Agent (SCRA). Details are to be recorded in the Lost & Found form available.
    We remind that travellers are responsible for their own belongings and those travelling with children do not leave them unattended when using the SBK Line. We also urge travellers to alert our staff on duty for any unattended bags, parcels and even children.
    Our stations are built with universal access to accommodate all categories of travellers.
    Facilities at Stations
    Train Information
  • Frequently Asked Questions, Answered
    FAQ on Operations
    1. When will Phase 2 of the MRT SBK Line start?
    Phase 2 of MRT SBK starts its operation on 17 July 2017; covering 19 stations between Muzium Negara and Kajang.
    2. What are the 19 stations under Phase 2?
    They are:
    1) Muzium Negara
    2) Pasar Seni
    3) Merdeka
    4) Bukit Bintang
    5) Tun Razak Exchange (TRX)
    6) Cochrane
    7) Maluri
    8) Taman Pertama
    9) Taman Midah
    10) Taman Mutiara
    11) Taman Connaught
    12) Taman Suntex
    13) Sri Raya
    14) Bandar Tun Hussein Onn
    15) Bukit Sebelas Cheras
    16) Bukit Dukung
    17) Sungai Jernih
    18) Stadium Kajang
    19) Kajang
    3. What is the train frequency?
    It is 4 minutes.
    4. When will Phase 2 of the MRT SBK Line start?
    Phase 2 of MRT SBK is scheduled for operations in July 2017, covering the remaining 19 stations between Semantan and Kajang.
    FAQ on Fare
    1. How much is the fare?
    People with disabilities (OKU), students, and senior citizens enjoy 50% discount from the cash rate. Children under 7 years old travel for free.
    (Note: The RM1 fare refers to the one stop travel between Pasar Seni and Merdeka stations based on the monthly fare structure)
    2. How is the fare calculated?
    The fare is calculated based on three components - a nominal flag fall; a nominal fee for the Transit Acquirer System or Integrated Cashless Payment System; plus charges based on the distance travelled, with a cascading rate every four or five kilometres.
    The fare calculation is similar with that of the LRT and monorail services.
    3. Where can I find the detailed fare tables for MRT SBK Line?
    The fare tables for the MRT SBK Line are available in the Prasarana website at www.myrapid.com.my now, and at the Customer Service Offices at LRT, monorail and MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang stations from 17 July 2017.
    4. Is there a minimum fare charged when entering and exiting at the same station?
    Yes, the minimum fare of RM0.80 is charged when you enter and exit the same station.
    5. Do we need to maintain the minimum store value balance when using the cashless payment on MRT?
    Customers must maintain a minimum stored value balance of RM3.00 when using the cashless payment on MRT.
    6. Does MRT have journey planner for commuters to check on the fares?
    The Rapid KL Journey Planner is available at www.myrapid.com.my
    7. The 50% discount that was announced by YAB PM on 17 July 2017 is applicable for MRT? How long is the discount period?
    Yes, the discount is applicable for MRT, LRT, Monorail and BRT. The discount is from 18 July 2017 to 31 August 2017.
    8. I’m a concession cardholder. Do I get to enjoy the additional 50% discount?
    Yes, you will also get the 50% discount, on top of your concession fare.
    9. I don’t have Touch ‘N Go card. I purchase token when I travel on MRT. Do I get the 50% discount too? 
    Yes, you will get the 50% discount when you purchase the token from the Token Vending Machine (TVM) during the discount period (18 July 2017 to 31 August 2017).
    10. Will I get the additional 50% discount when I travel on LRT/ Monorail/ BRT during 6am to 7am on weekdays? 
    No, the additional 50% discount is not applicable when you travel within the 50-6-7 promotions time.
    FAQ on Payment Mode
    1. What are the payment modes for MRT SBK Line?
    Customers have a choice to purchase cash tokens or use Touch ‘n Go cards for cashless travels.
    2. Can I use my MyRapid black card for travel on the MRT SBK Line?
    No, MyRapid black cards are not valid on MRT SBK Line. However, the new MyRapid TnG cards can be used for seamless travel across LRT, Monorail, BRT and MRT.
    3. Do all gates accept tokens?
    Tokens are accepted at all incoming gates. For outgoing gates, slots for tokens are only available at both ends of the gates.
    4. Do you have designated gates to accept the red token just like at the LRT/Monorail stations?
    Yes, the wide aisle gates are located at both ends of the gates.
    5. How can I check my fare transactions? Is the transaction available online?
    If you are holding the Touch ‘n Go card, you may call the Touch n Go Careline at 03-2714 8888 to check the fare transactions. You may also visit www.touchngo.com.my for details on e-statements.
    6. The cashless payment for MRT is only available on Touch ‘n Go card. Do you sell Touch ‘n Go cards at the stations? And how much do I need to pay?
    Yes, Touch ‘n Go cards are available for sale at all Customer Service Offices at the MRT SBK Line, LRT, Monorail and BRT networks.
    The selling price is RM15.00 each (RM5.50: card fee + RM9.50: purse value).
    7. Does MRT SBK have reload machines to top up Touch n Go card at the stations?
    Yes, customers can reload their Touch ‘n Go cards at the reload machines at all MRT SBK stations.
    8. Will there be any reload fee imposed for reload activities done at the stations?
    Yes, RM0.50 reload fee will be imposed. However, passengers can choose to reload at other reload points without the RM0.50 reload feed. Among others are:
    - Touch ‘N Go Customer Experience Center
    - Touch ‘N Go Customer Service Center
    - Touch ‘N Go Spot
    - Touch ‘N Go Hub Self Service Kiosk (SSK)
    - MPH Bookstores
    - Giant
    - KK Mart
    - Tesco
    - Guardian
    - Caring Pharmacy
    - Watsons
    9. What is the difference between the new MRT SBK Touch ‘n Go with other Touch ‘n Go cards?
    The new MRT SBK Touch ‘n Go card is similar to any other Touch ‘n Go cards.
    10. Can I use the new MRT SBK Touch ‘n Go card on the existing Rapid KL (LRT/Monorail/Bus/BRT) network?
    Yes, you can.
    11. Can I use my existing Touch ‘n Go card for MRT services?
    Yes, you can.
    12. If I discontinue to use the Touch n Go card, how can I request for a refund for the remaining store value balance?
    You may visit Touch ‘n Go hubs for refunds.
    FAQ on MRT Weekly and Monthly Packages 
    1. Can I still enjoy my MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly and Smart 30 Monthly packages on MRT SBKL for further savings?
    Yes, you can still enjoy your Smart 7 Weekly and Smart 30 Monthly packages on MRT SBK Line.
    2. Where and when can I purchase MRT SBK Weekly or MRT SBK Monthly package?
    You can purchase the weekly or monthly package from the Customer Service Offices at these MRT SBK stations from 17 July 2017:
    • Kota Damansara
    • Semantan
    • Muzium Negara
    • Bukit Bintang
    • Cochrane
    • Taman Midah
    • Bandar Tun Hussein Onn
    • Kajang
    3. Do you charge a fee for the MRT SBK Weekly and the MRT SBK Monthly passes under the manual system?
    Yes, a nominal premium subscription fee of RM2.50 is levied on “MRT SBK Weekly” which is valid for seven (7) consecutive days, while a premium subscription fee of RM10.00 is applicable for “MRT SBK Monthly” with validity of 30 consecutive days.
    4. Why is there a premium subscription fee for “MRT SBK Weekly” and “MRT SBK Monthly”?
    The premium subscription fee is required to differentiate the cashless fare entitlements.  
    FAQ on MRT Feeder Bus Services
    1. Will there be feeder bus services to the MRT stations?
    Yes, a total of 300 feeder buses would be deployed to support 49 routes at 23 MRT stations.
    The operating hours are from 5.30am to 11.30pm.
    Details of the MRT feeder bus services will be made available on the website: www.myrapid.com.my
    2. Will the feeder bus services be chargeable?
    Yes. A nominal fare of RM1 per trip is set for the MRT feeder bus services. Senior citizens, students, and OKU enjoy 50 per cent discount. Children under 7 years old travel for free.
    Fares could be paid by cash or Tough ‘n Go cards.
    3. How do the senior citizens, students, and OKU get the 50 per cent discount when boarding the feeder buses?
    They only need to show their NRIC, student card (if not in uniform), or OKU card to the Bus Captains when boarding the feeder buses to enjoy the 50 per cent discount.  
    FAQ on Park N' Ride Facilities
    1. Are there parking facilities available at MRT stations? 
    2. How do I pay for the parking?
    For MRT users, you can pay using your Touch ‘N Go card. The rate is RM4.30 (per entry per day)
    FAQ on Helpline
    1. Who do I call for assistance and help?
    You can get in touch via these channels:
    i) Go to the nearest Customer Service Office at any MRT SBK stations
    ii) Submit your enquiry to our Rapid KL Facebook: myrapid
    iii) Submit your enquiry to our Rapid KL Twitter: @MyRapidKL
    iv) Call our Helpline at 03-7885 2855 during these hours:
    - Monday to Friday: 7.00am to 8.30pm
    - Saturday and Sunday: 8.30am to 5.30pm
    (Closed on all national public holidays)
    v) Write to us at [email protected]

    2. Where can I get more information about the operations of MRT SBK Line Phase 1?
    Customers can go to our website: www.myrapid.com.my
    Moving forward, customers can plan their journeys on the Rapid KL Journey Planner, available on the website.
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