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How to Travel with Us?
Our rail and bus services operate 7 days a week from 6am to 12am. Rush hour on weekdays range from 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm. Depending on where you are heading, keep a lookout for our Rapid signage. When it comes to traveling on the LRT, Monorail and MRT, be sure to remember the station name, line name or colour. 
Timely Frequencies

Make your daily travels more manageable knowing when the next train is arriving.
Rail Lines Peak-Hour Headway
Kelana Jaya Line 3 minutes
Sri Petaling Line 6 minutes
Ampang Line 6 minutes
KL Monorail Line 8 minutes
MRT 4 minutes
Road traffic can be challenging in particular during peak hours. Our skillful bus captains do their best to maintain a consistent frequency with your safety in mind at all times.
Buses Peak-Hour Frequency
In-Town 15-20 minutes
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) - Sunway 4 minutes
Covered Connections and Exit Ways

Most of our train stations have underground connections to major shopping malls like Suria KLCC, Avenue K, and covered walkways to Berjaya Times Square, Nu Sentral and KL Sentral.

Colour Coded Services

Identify which Rapid services you wish to travel on by familiarizing yourself with the coloured icons.
Services Line Operating Hours
Kelana Jaya
Train services begin at 6.00am daily and end before 12.00am. On special days, we may even extend our services up till 1.00am. Find out more about LRT services and Monorail services.
Sri Petaling
KL Monorail
Sungai Buloh-Kajang
MRT services begin from 6.00am to 10:55pm (depending on the respective stations). Find out more about MRT services.
A cost effective option to travel on from 6.00am to 12.00pm. Fares for in-town buses are charged based on zones. Feeder buses only cost RM1.00. Find out more about Bus services.
Connect via LRT station USJ 7 or Setia Jaya Komuter station and explore Sunway township on a dedicated elevated bus track. Service begins from 6.00am to 12.00am. Find out more about BRT services.
When Taking the Train
Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)
If you don’t have a travel card, you can purchase your travel tokens at our touchscreen TVMs. You may select your rail lines and destination. Fares are also stated on the screen. 

You can also top up your MyRapid card at TVMs. 
Selecting your Gates
If you are traveling with large luggage or using a red token, go to the special lane gate to enter and exit stations.

Enter only at gates with a green ‘tick’ and not a red ‘cross’.

Entering the Gates
Tap your travel card or token on the reader until you hear the beep sound. You can also view your balance on the screen. Enter through the gates once the gate flaps open.

To exit, drop the token into the slot until the gate flaps open. Tap at the reader if you are using a travel card until you hear the beep sound.
Heading to the Platform
Refer to the sign before the escalators to know where you are going. The sign will also indicate the end station. Be sure you are on the correct platform before boarding the train. 
Boarding the Train
Always stand behind the yellow line at platforms. To board train, queue up as per arrow indicators and allow passengers to alight the train before getting on. There is no need to rush or push.
A beeping sound will indicate doors are closing. Ensure you stand clear of closing doors at all times.
Onboard the Train
Listen to the announcement and refer to the information display above the doors. You can also peek through the windows to see which station you are at. 
When Taking the Bus
Knowing your Destination
End stop of bus routes is displayed at the top front of buses. At most bus hubs, a public information display is available to check on bus number, route and estimated time of arrival and departure. 
Waiting for the Bus
Remember to always queue at bus stops and wait for the bus to come to a halt before trying to come onboard. There is no need to push and put your life at risk. 
Boarding the Bus
Use the front doors to enter onto the bus. If you are paying your fare by cash, do ensure you have exact change and make sure you get a ticket. There can be inspectors onboard performing routine checks. 
Onboard the Bus
Seats for those with special needs are clearly indicated with stickers on walls and windows of the bus. Give them priority. Hold on to hand rails if you are standing. 
Getting off
Before getting off, remember to tap your travel card at the card reader near to the back door of the bus until you hear the beep sound. If you forget, it may be troublesome when you ride the bus again. 
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