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Art Street – MRT Bukit Bintang
Thursday 11 April 2019
Kuala Lumpur
Welcome to the first post of #wanderwithrapidkl!
Wait a minute, what in the world is #wanderwithrapidkl? 🤩 Ain't wastin' time no more, we will bring you, wandering together to some of the famous points of interest (and Instagrammable, perhaps?) around Kuala Lumpur that can be accessed via Rapid KL networks (this is key, guys!).
So, let's begin! Say hello to our first Points of Interest (POI); Art Street (SURELY INSTAGRAMMABLE) 😉.

Located at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, this place needs no more introduction. It's quite popular amongst Malaysians and tourists. You can get here by MRT and exit at Bukit Bintang (Gate A). From there, it takes approximately 2 minutes to reach to this place where you can go exploring Jalan Alor seeking for street art with a conscience.
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    The vibrant colours of the 2D and 3D murals can easily capture your attention from afar. Jalan Alor was given a 'fresh face' with an "urban renewal project" by DBKL.

    Every wall has different themes that carry certain meanings. The first piece that you'll see is an overflowing river painted on the stairs as if you're walking on water, accompanied by a grove of trees painted in black and green colours. Not only that, along the river, you'll encounter a line of clouds (even more beautiful when they're lit up at night). So serene!

    As you wander around the alleys, you'll figure that flora, fauna, and nature are one of the main themes of the murals. You get to see the bird and bees, the butterfly, the rainbow and the leaf.
    This would be an opportunity to update your fans (or friends) in real time through your IG story. Take them with you as you immerse yourself with your surroundings, on what we would consider, the city's outdoor museum. 

    Perhaps, the essence of those elements bring tranquillity into someone's life, hence why the themes are portrayed. Kudos to DBKL! 👏🏻 Shall we let the pictures do the talking now?
    We hope our first post on #wanderwithrapidkl gives you some idea on what to do over the weekends!

    We will be back with the second POI; one thing for sure, it's Instagram worth 😍 Wait for it. See you later, alligator! ✌🏻
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