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Brisk and bustling Pudu
Monday 10 July 2017
Kuala Lumpur
A collaboration between RapidKL, The Malay Mail and RebeccaSaw.com
Pasar Besar Pudu. — Malay Mail pic
KUALA LUMPUR, July 10 — Don’t be surprised to see women selling fruits and vegetables along the pathway as you make your way out of the Pudu LRT station.

They’re probably vendors from the nearby Pasar Besar Pudu, one of Kuala Lumpur’s largest wet markets.

A mere 10-minute walk from the station, the market — which opens from early morning (about 4am) until late afternoon (around 2pm) — is popular among those looking for variety and good bargains.

A reasonably-sized organic chicken costs RM23, mangoes are priced at RM6 per kg, plums at RM10 for six, apples at RM10 for eight and red chillies at RM11 per kg.

Apart from the usual fish, poultry, meats, fruits and vegetables, the market is also a place where you can find pets for sale such as goldfish, sugar gliders, birds and hamsters. Prices start at RM1.50 for an algae-eating suckermouth catfish (popularly known locally as ikan bandaraya).

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    The pet aspect of the market is undoubtedly the reason you see many housewives bringing along their children when they do their shopping there. On the day I was there, I saw a young boy almost in tears, begging his mom to buy a beautiful blue budgerigar for him.

    A stone’s throw away from the pasar is Market Hall, a multi-level shopping centre which houses, among others, fast food outlet Burger King, 99 Speedmart and KK Mart. Among the bargain buys we saw there were plastic handphone covers tagged at just RM1, slippers at RM5 a pair, blouses at RM10 each and rose-print plates, saucers and bowls inspired by the flatware of yesteryear. The latter had a price range of between RM5.90 and RM7.90 each.

    Pets for sale. — Malay Mail pic
    Pudu LRT station. — Malay Mail pic

    One building you won’t miss when visiting the area is the Choon Wan Kong temple, which dates back to 1879. Although small, the house of worship is painted bright red and yellow, undoubtedly an attractive setting for photo-taking.

    What makes it even more eye-catching is that its entrance is enhanced by an archway with a pagoda roof and red lanterns.

    Also famous in Pudu are the many hawkers and street vendors selling Chinese food such as hakka mee, wonton, dumplings, spring rolls, steamed egg custard and more. The fare is said to be tasty and cheap with a plate of chee cheong fun priced at approximately RM3. A number of the stalls operate until past midnight.

    Situated behind a row of shophouses fronting Jalan Pudu, you can also get to the station via Jalan San Peng from the southwest and Jalan Sungai Besi from the southeast. Opened in 1996, the elevated station is part of the Ampang Line (previously known as STAR).
Getting There
1. Pasar Pudu
Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur 

LRT/MRT: Pudu 

Distance: 450 metres 

Operating hours: 4am to 10am. 

From the station: Situated behind a row of shophouses fronting Jalan Pudu, you can also get to the station via Jalan San Peng from the southwest and Jalan Sungai Besi from the southeast
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