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Getting to satay central on the MRT
Monday 23 October 2017
Kuala Lumpur
A collaboration between RapidKL, The Malay Mail and RebeccaSaw.com
If you prefer your grilled meats to be on the sweet side, head over to Willy Satay.
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 — Kajang is synonymous with satay. As not much else is associated with this sleepy town, it is unlikely that it’d be able to shake off its connection with these delicious skewered marinated meat.
Even its signature spicy peanut sauce is unique, a slight deviation from the typical satay sauce of its Klang Valley counterparts as it is sweeter and accompanied with spicy sweet sambal.

It is not Kajang satay if it doesn’t come with a dollop of ground chillies fried in oil added into the peanut sauce, though the chilly paste does vary slightly from shop to shop.
Alongside the satay, each order comes with nasi himpit (rice cakes), chopped onions and sliced cucumbers.

Since the launch of the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line, these addictive, charcoal-grilled meats were reported to have enjoyed a brisk business. Production has increased threefold to appease the voracious appetites of hungry locals and tourists who have just discovered the convenience of hopping into the spanking new fast trains and alighting right in front of Haji Samuri, the granddaddy of satay outlets in Kajang.

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    Housed in a three-storey building, Haji Samuri is still managed by the founding family which is currently in its fifth generation. (Incidentally, the founder Datuk Samuri Juraimi, passed away just recently, at the age of 73.)
    The favourable operating hours — from 11am to 12.30am (daily except Fridays) — are a boon too.

    I’ve personally visited a few Haji Samuri branches in the Klang Valley over the years and had even gone as far as the Dengkil branch. I enjoy Samuri’s chunky, not-overly seasoned satay. The peanut sauce and chilli in oil is the best among the four outlets I mentioned here.


    Yes, four. Haji Samuri may be benefiting the most due to its proximity to the MRT station. If you’d like to check out a lesser known joint but one that serves equally tasty satay, head over to the back of the station where Sate Emas Kajang is located. 

    Apart from Sate Emas and Haji Samuri, many satay connoisseurs also make a beeline for Kajang Satay Nyok Lan at Restoran Malaysia, about 500 metres from the station. 

    Another prominent restaurant is Willy Satay at Ramal Food Junction which has a branch at Prima Saujana Kajang. 

    Nyok Lan Kajang Satay has been around since 1971 and it is the only satay outlet that is owned by a Chinese family whereas the other three are run by Malay owners.

    Satay Haji Samuri
    Sate Emas Kajang

    Nonetheless, Nyok Lan’s pork-free variety proved popular with its Malay-Muslim clientele as well as Chinese.

    Nyok Lan’s version is minus the fat, using only lean cuts for its chicken, beef and mutton satay. In recent years it has added fish and duck to its repertoire.

    Some may prefer Nyok Lan for its supposedly healthier fare while those who enjoy the juicy fats would be partial to Willy Satay or Sate Emas. Nyok Lan also offers flavoursome ketupat nasi instead of bland nasi himpit on the side. But be aware also that Nyok Lan is the only one among the four outlets that charges extras for cucumber and onions!

    The similarities between Willy’s and Sate Emas are its marinade and variety. The meats lean towards reddish in colour and sweeter in flavour. Each stick comprises fat and skin which are skewered in-between lean pieces of meat. The skewers here also have some charred bits on the meat, which I like. However, their sambal is sweeter than Haji Samuri’s and the peanuts in the sauce are less chunky.

    While Haji Samuri offers chicken, mutton, beef, fish, rabbit, tripe, liver and heart, over at Sate Emas, you’ll find ostrich, tongue, turkey, chicken feet, chicken heart and deer! I would recommend Sate Emas for those with an adventurous palate, Nyok Lan for those who prefer leaner cuts and Haji Samuri for well-seasoned chunky portions and the best peanut sauce and sambal combination. Go to Willy Satay if you like your meat on the sweet side. 

    * For more gastronomic adventures — keep up with Rebecca on www.RebeccaSaw.com and instagram.com/wackybecky.
Getting There
1. Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri
Lot 1, 2 & 3 , Bangunan Dato’ Nazir, Jalan Kelab 

LRT/MRT: Stadium Kajang

Distance: 170 metres 

Operating hours: 10.30am to 12.30am. 

From the station: Exit at Pintu C and cross the road to the restaurant.
2. Restoran Sate Emas Kajang Sdn Bhd
1, Medan Sate Kajang, Jalan Kelab, Kajang 

LRT/MRT: Stadium Kajang 

Distance: 600 metres

Operating hours: 11am–11pm, daily

From the station: Exit Pintu A and turn left into Jalan Stadium and walk towards Medan Sate Kajang. Restoran Sate Emas is inside the food complex.
3. Nyok Lan @ Restoran Malaysia
7A, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Kuala Lumpur

LRT/MRT: Stadium Kajang 

Distance: 400 metres

Operating hours: 10am-10pm 

From the station: Exit Pintu C, cross the road and walk following the traffic on Jalan Hishamuddin/Jalan Semenyih. Pass the police station on your left. Then turn right into Jalan Dato’ Nazir.
4. Willy [email protected] Junction Food Court

Taman Sri Ramal Kajang OR Prima Saujana branch, 

B-13-GB, Jalan Prima Saujana 2/A Seksyen 2 , Taman Prima Saujana 43000 Kajang

LRT/MRT: Stadium Kajang 

Distance: 6km  

Operating hours: 9am - 12am 

From the station: 15-minute taxi ride from the MRT station
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