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    The PRIME Story

    The story of PRIME (Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd) is inextricable from the history of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (“Prasarana”).

    Prasarana was incorporated in 1998 by the Malaysian Government to manage the public transportation infrastructure of the country. Today, Prasarana consists of subsidiaries resulting from takeovers and mergers of multiple public transportation companies and the expansion of business portfolios over the years, which together formed the Prasarana Group.

    At the time of the founding of Prasarana Group, the state of public transportation in the country was one of creative complexity, with a multiplicity of independent companies operating the urban rail network and plying bus routes. Although the public transportation landscape was initially overlapping and complex, Prasarana Group managed to transform it into the modern, dynamic and integrated system it is today.

    Prasarana Group was initially tasked with the operations and maintenance of more than 80% of the nation’s public transportation systems, and continues to strive towards meeting the need of integrating, upgrading and expanding both urban rail and buses under its wings. The experience and expertise that Prasarana Group has accumulated over the years ensure that all of its undertakings are aligned with the path of modernisation, bringing efficiencies, cost savings, economic growth and increased quality of life to the public.

    Having integrated and modernised the Malaysian public transportation system and realising the value that it can offer, Prasarana Group created PRIME as the key subsidiary responsible for commercialising operations and maintenance activities by utilising resources within the Prasarana Group.

    Today, PRIME is entrusted by Prasarana Group to bring the experience and proven track record of two decades’ worth of world-class public transportation operations to the world.

  • Formation of KLRT Consult Sdn Bhd

  • Formation of Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering
    Services Sdn Bhd
    (PRIME) previously known KLRT Consult Sdn Bhd

  • December - PRIME awarded its first international consultancy project, the Operations and Maintenance Consultancy Services (Shadow Operator) for Makkah Public Transport Programme (MPTP) Metro Phase 1 in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • April - PRIME awarded the Operations and Maintenance of Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Southern Line (MMMSL) in Makkah,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    November - PRIME awarded Manpower Services for Site Integration Test (SIT) for MRT Bangkok Purple Line in Bangkok, Thailand

  • PRIME continues to expand its services in the Middle East and South East Asia Regions by participating in public transportation projects bidding related to Operations & Maintenance services

  • April - Starting of Operations Training for MRT Jakarta & PRIME & Rapid Rail

    October - PRIME appointed as Operations & Maintenance Consultant for KVMRT2 Sungai Buloh - Serdang - Putrajaya Line

PRIME Contact



CERT NO. AR 6090

Datuk Thomas George


Datuk Thomas George was appointed as the Board of Director of Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd in 2015.

He served in various key civil service positions including as the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Works and the Ministry of Human Resource.

Datuk Thomas holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from University Malaya in 1975, before earning a Diploma in Public Administration from the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) in 1977.

Born on 23 October 1952 in Kluang, Johor, he started his career in the civil service in 1975 as the Assistant Director in the Malaysian Centre for Development Studies of the Prime Minister’s Department, before taking on the position as Senior Assistant Director in the Socio-Economic Research Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department in 1977.

Upon completing his Master’s degree in 1986, Datuk Thomas was posted to INTAN as the Senior Project Coordinator. He was promoted as the Deputy Director, Research and Planning Division of the Public Services Department in 2001, before being promoted to the Director’s position in April 2004, and then as the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Human Resources in June 2006.

In 2009, Datuk Thomas was posted as the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Works, prior to his retirement in 2011.

Puan Masnizam Hisham


Masnizam Hisham was appointed as the new President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad on 18 January 2018; succeeding from Dato’ Sri Azmi Abdul Aziz.

She was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (PRIME) from September 1, 2016.

A graduate in Law from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), she started her career with Rapid KL in 2005. Serving as the Head of Legal cum Company Secretary, where she was in charge of all legal and company secretarial matters. She was then promoted in 2008 as General Manager, Procurement, Warehouse and Supply Chain Department at Rapid KL. In 2012, she was transferred to Group Communications and Strategic Marketing Department, before being appointed as the Chief Infra Services Officer on the following year.

Prior to that Masnizam had also served as a legal eagle with Messrs. Shearn Delamore and Co., from 1997 to 2003, where she specialised in corporate, financial services and conveyancing matters, which include drafting of conventional and Islamic bonds. She then joined Syarikat Permodalan Kebangsaan Berhad as the Head of Legal cum Company Secretary. There were more than 40 companies under her purview, one of which was SPK-Sentosa Corporation Berhad, a company listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia.

Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji Mohd Noor Yaacob


Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji Mohd Noor Yaacob was appointed as a Director of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad on 1 October 2014.

He also sits on the Board of Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. (PRIME).

Formerly the Director-General of Public Works Department (PWD), Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji Mohd Noor had served the department at various positions at the state and Federal levels in his career span for more than 30 years. A graduate of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia, he was born in 1954 in Mentakab, Pahang, and received his primary and secondary education at his home state before furthering his studies at UTM. Starting his career as an engineer at the PWD in Kuala Lumpur in May 1977 upon graduation, he was promoted as Resident Engineer at PWD Bahau in Negeri Sembilan before being promoted further to various engineering positions in Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and the Federal Territory.

He was made the Director for Technical Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department Implementation Coordination Unit in February 1993 before being promoted as the Senior Engineer at the PWD Headquarters in March 1993 and later as the Chief Resident Engineer on February 1, 1994. Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji Mohd Noor had also served as the PWD State Director for Johor and Negeri Sembilan before his appointment as the Director-General of the Malaysian Highway Authority in 2005 for a two-year tenure. He was appointed as the Director-General of PWD on May 1, 2011.

Encik Mohd Hazizi Harun


Mohd Hazizi Harun was appointed as Board member of Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. (PRIME) on March 7, 2018.

He is currently the Senior Assistant Secretary at the Government Investment Companies Division (MKD) of the Finance Ministry – a position that he has held since 2013 and responsible to monitor the performance of key Government-owned companies under the supervision of MKD that also include KTMB Bhd, Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd and MYHSR Sdn Bhd.

Prior to his appointment at MKD, he was the Assistant Secretary at the ministry’s Employment, Public Fund and Management Services Policy Division; which he joined after working in the private sector.

Hazizi holds a Master in Science in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Cardiff University, United Kingdom and Bachelor in Management with honours. He also holds a Diploma in Accountancy in Mara University of Technology (UiTM).

Encik Mohd Rafizee Abdul Rahman


Mohd Rafizee Abdul Rahman was appointed as Chief Finance Officer of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad on March 1, 2018.

Previously the Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Nautical Resort Sdn Bhd and Garuda Suci Berhad, Mohd Rafizee was attached to the Finance Ministry as a Financial Advisor at the Investment and Privatization Division for over three years from July 2010. Prior to that, he was Head of Special Projects at the ministry’s Loan Management, Finance Market and Actuary Division.

A graduate of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia with a degree in Business (Accounting), he started his career as an Auditor at Price Waterhouse Coopers; and has held key executive positions at Maxis Communication, Malaysia Airline System, DiGi.Com Berhad and UEM Group Berhad where he was the Deputy General Manager for two years from August 2007.

Encik Khairani Mohamed


Khairani Mohamed returns as the Chief Executive Officer of Rapid Rail on February 1, 2018 after stints as chief executive of Prasarana Integrated Management and Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (PRIME), and Prasarana Rail and Infrastructure Projects Sdn Bhd (PRAISE).

Appointed as Prasarana Group Director of Rail and CEO of Rapid Rail on January 1, 2011, Khairani left the post in February 2015 to head PRIME where he immediately spearheaded the first year operation of Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Southern Line (MMMSL) haj train services in Saudi Arabia. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of PRAISE in September 2016.

A member of an elite few as pioneers of Prasarana, Khairani studied at the Royal Military College before pursuing his studies at Mississippi State University in the United States where he graduated with a Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1986. He started his career as a fighter pilot with the Royal Malaysian Air Force and retired as a Captain in 1996.

He joined the then Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik Berhad (PUTRA) after leaving the Air Force and took the position as Control Centre Manager. He was instrumental in making sure the Control Centre’s manpower and functions were at their best in time for the PUTRA LRT commencement and 1998 Commonwealth Games. He was then promoted to Operations Senior Manager in 2000.

With the establishment of both Prasarana and Rapid KL, he became part of Asset Management Division for Prasarana in 2004. Khairani was entrusted to manage rail assets for both Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line. In 2007, pursuant to the takeover of KL Monorail System Sdn. Bhd. by Prasarana, Khairani was chosen to take the lead of KL StarRail Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Prasarana, as Chief Operating Officer and Director.

Encik Mohd Azam Omar


Mohd Azam Omar was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd on 1 July 2017; rising in the ranks from his post as Chief Operation Officer of Rapid KL bus services, which he had held since 2011.

Highly knowledgeable with more than 37 years of experience in the bus industry, Azam joined the Prasarana family in 2008 when he was appointed as the Manager of Rapid Penang in 2008 before he was appointed as the Senior Manager.

A graduate of Institut Teknologi MARA (now Universiti Institut Teknologi MARA) in Transport Studies, he had served a host of major stage and express bus companies, which included Syarikat Kenderaan Melayu Kelantan Bhd, Parkmay Berhad and Transnasional Sdn Bhd before his appointment at Rapid Penang.

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