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Concession Card
Step 1: Click on the category button that you wish to apply
Please read the conditions of each category carefully to fulfill the criteria before applying.  

Step 2: Fill up your personal information and attachments
Please ensure your documents are correct for a smooth verification process. Incomplete documents and information might result to unsuccessful application. 

Step 3: Click on the submit button and you will receive a thank you notification 
Click on the ‘back’ button and you will be directed to the homepage. Your application status will be appeared on the dashboard. Kindly refer below for further explanation on the status:
  1. Received: Application is received, pending for admin review. 
  2. Rejected: Application is declined with remarks given. 
  3. Incomplete: Incomplete information of application with remarks given. 
  4. Approved: Application is successful. Kindly proceed for payment.  

Step 4: Click on the payment link and confirm your details
Please ensure all the displayed information are correct before proceeding with the payment. Kindly let us know if you spot any error by informing our customer service via email. 

Step 5: Payment is successful and pending for collection
Your payment is successful and you can collect your card approximately within 5 working days. An email notification will be sent to you when the card is ready for collection.

Step 6: Collection of the card
When you receive the email notification, kindly proceed to preferred collection point to collect your concession card. You may now enjoy the 50% discount service. 

Step 7: Renewal and Replacement of the card
Kindly click on the bottom right button on the concession card dashboard to do the renewal or replacement of the card. The process is similar for first timer registration.

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