(As at 8 May 2017)
1. Where can I find the new and detailed fare table?
The new fare table would be available in the Prasarana website at and the Customer Service Offices at LRT and monorail stations from 3 November 2015.

2. The reliability of the LRT and Monorail services is still wanting. It is unfair for the fare to be adjusted upwards until the services improve.
While the Rapid KL LRT and Monorail services do encounter disruptions occasionally, the reliability of the services has been recorded at 99.7% annually since 2012. The reliability of Rapid KL rail services is comparable with those in major cities including Bangkok, Singapore, London, and Sydney.

3. Why is the LRT and Monorail fare structure rationalised at a time when the prices of other goods and services have increased or are increasing?

  • We understand the concern of the people, particularly the commuting public. There is never a good time to implement fare rationalisation as it impacts the cost of living of the people. 

  • To mitigate potential adverse impact to the people, we are introducing “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” which offer discounts between 18 and 35 percent from the new cash fares for regular commuters.

  • Non regular commuters could opt to use the cashless or stored value card such as “Touch n’ Go” and “MyRapid” cards to enjoy 17 percent discounts compared to those travelling with cash tokens.

  • Further, in the case of LRT and Monorail services, we wish to share that the fare structure had been revised downwards twice since the introduction of LRT services in 1996. However, the fare structure has not been adjusted upwards since 2002 in spite of the continual increase in the cost of goods and services, as indicated in the continual increase of the Consumer Price Index and the Producer Price Index over the years.

  • It is also of interest to note that the fare structure for urban rail services in major cities, such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, and London are reviewed (either upwards or downwards) annually or every few years. 

 MyRapid Smart Products
 4. MyRapid Smart is a ticketing product based on Stored Value for frequent travelers on the RapidKL LRT and Monorail services.
“MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” offers discounts between 18 % and 35 % from the new cash fares for regular commuters.
The fare is calculated based on, among others, the distance travelled and a rate that decreases the further one travels. The fare is deducted according to discounted fare rate from card’s purse value by the exit gate at the end of your journey.

MyRapid cashless card will enable the holder to enjoy lower Cashless Fare Rate for journeys made in all LRT and Monorail services.

5. Where can I purchase “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”?

You can purchase “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” from the Rapid KL Customer Service Office at any LRT or monorail station.

6. When can I purchase “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”?

You can purchase “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” from the Rapid KL Customer Service Office at any LRT or monorail station from 15 November 2015 or when your existing pass expires.

7. Do you charge a fee for “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”?

A nominal premium subscription fee of RM2.50 is charged for “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” which is valid for 7 consecutive days whereas a premium subscription fee of RM 10.00 is applicable for “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” with validity of 30 consecutive days.

8. Why is there a premium subscription fee for “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”?
The premium subscription fee is required to differentiate cashless fare entitlements and MyRapid Smart products offers the lowest Cashless Fare Rate with great savings for journeys made in all LRT and Monorail services.
9. What are the benefits of “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly”?
Both the “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” will give you greater flexibility in selecting a product that best suit to your individual travelling needs. Upon subscription, reload the desired purse amount and have total control of amount spent for your journeys. You may reload with a minimum value of RM10.00 to RM300.00 and have the comfort knowing that any unused purse value can then be brought forward.
10. May I purchase “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” with my Touch n’ Go card?
The Touch n’ Go card currently serves as a cashless or stored value card. “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” are currently only available with MyRapid card.
11. If I purchased the “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” and later found out that the “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” provide more savings, can I transfer or change it?
The MyRapid Smart products are not transferrable/changeable upon subscription. However, upon expiry of your “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” subscription, you may purchase the “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” to enjoy great savings.
12. Can I request for a replacement if my card with “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” is misplaced or lost?
If your card is lost or misplaced, you may file a complaint request at the nearest LRT or Monorail station, or call our friendly Helpline at
03-7885 2855 during operational hours. Alternatively, you may write to us at and we will be glad to process your request accordingly.
13. Can I purchase the MyRapid Smart products before 2nd December 2015 and start my activation on 2nd December 2015 or later?
Yes, you may purchase MyRapid Smart products beginning 15 November 2015 and activate upon first usage at our gates on 2nd December 2015 onwards.

14. What is the date of expiry for the package be if an existing MyRapid card customer purchases the SMART Package before 2 December 2015? Will it expire 30 days after the date of purchasing the package or from date of activation (first use) of the package?
The card expiry is standard with 10 years life span and 2 years on unutilized purse. As for SMART packages, the pre-sales activation (first use) must be done within 30 days after 2 Dec 2015. Product expiration is 7 days for “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or 30 days for “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” from the date of activation (not the date of purchase).
15. How may I check on the expiry date for both my card and SMART package? Will info on expiry be shown at TVMs?
For card expiration: The card expiry is standard with 10 years life span and 2 years on unutilized purse. Customers can check the expiry date for the card via the Customer Service Office at all stations.
For SMART product package expiration: The gate will display the remaining entitlement days during exit. Alternatively, customers can also check the expiry date of their packages via the ticket vending machine (TVM) at all stations after activation (first use).
16. Do we still have to maintain the minimum purse value of RM3 in Myrapid card?
Yes, passengers are required to maintain a minimum purse value of RM3 to use RapidKL services.
17. I previously subscribed to the SMART Monthly package and after 30 days, I decided to not renew the subscription for another month. The card still contains some cash balance. Without renewing the SMART package, can I still utilise the card and remaining purse value?

The introduction of different packages allows customers to choose a package based on their travelling needs. The balance purse value from the no longer active SMART Monthly 30 is still valid. This entitles the customer to enjoy our services on a Cashless Fare Rate.

Existing MyRapid Card Holder

18. Can we continue to use the current Rapidpass Rail 30 day after 2nd December 2015?

No. The last sales or renewal date for this product will be on 14th November 2015. Commuters will have to opt for the “MyRapid Smart 7 Weekly” or “MyRapid Smart 30 Monthly” depending on their travel patterns if they wish to continue to enjoy further discounted fares. On the other hand if the pass was purchased, renewed and activated prior AND on 14th Nov 2015, you will continue to enjoy the unlimited pass features until it expires.

19. According to your press release, people with disabilities, students and senior citizen will continue to enjoy 50 % discounts from the cash rate as Concession card holders. Is MyRapid Smart products available for Concession card holders?

People with disabilities, students and senior citizens will enjoy a fare discount of 50% on Cash Rate for every journey on RapidKL LRT, Monorail, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Sunway Line and Bus services. However, MyRapid Smart products are not available for Concession card holders as the discount rate is higher.

20. Do I need to resubmit any supporting documentation to apply for the MyRapid Concession cards if I am an existing Touch’n Go (TnG) Concession card holder?

For an existing TnG concession card holder, you do not need to resubmit the supporting documents when migrating from an existing TnG to MyRapid Concession card. However, a card fee of RM5.00 is applicable during issuance of MyRapid card Concession. You may get a full refund of your unused balance on TnG Concession card at any of TnG Customer Service hubs

21. What will happen to the monthly MyRapid Integrated Pass?

You may still use the pass until expiry. However, effective 2 December 2015 the MyRapid Integrated Pass product will be discontinued. Alternatively, you may subscribe to MyRapid Smart products for train journey and enjoy cashless fare discount of 20% on bus fares.

22. With an existing Myrapid Integrated card, can I purchase Myrapid Smart Products?
Yes, you may subscribe to MyRapid Smart products and activate after 2 December 2015. Your MyRapid card only allows for one active MyRapid Smart product at any given time.

23. When the MyRapid Integrated 30 Days is discontinued, do I still enjoy unlimited rides on your bus services?
Depending on your travel needs, you may choose to subscribe “MyRapid Bus 30 Days” with unlimited rides for bus services. However for BRT service, you can use the cashless mode to pay for the fares. You just need to have one card for both services.

24. Can you share examples of routes where commuters would pay lower cash fares compared with current fares?
25. Can you share examples of routes where commuters would pay similar cash fares compared with current fares?
26. Can you share examples of routes where commuters would pay higher cash fares compared with current fares?
27. How is it possible that the further one travels, the fare charges are lesser.
Calculations are based on blocks of decreasing fare per kilometre rates the further a person travels.
For example,

Distance (KM) X Fare Per Kilometre Rate (Block of decreasing fare)
If your journey is only 14km, we would multiply 14 with RM0.216 = RM3.024
If your journey is 25km, we would multiply 25 with RM0.108 = RM2.700
If we were to charge based on one single rate (for example RM0.216).

The fare for 25km would be RM5.40, which is much higher than the RM2.70 which was calculated based on blocks of decreasing rates. So, if the fare rate for the next station after your stop is lesser, it would mean that it had just crossed the threshold of one fare block, hence the lesser fare.

28. What new services or improvements can we expect from Prasarana with the fare rationalisation?
Prasarana is continually striving to improve the connectivity, mobility, and travel comfort of commuters.

  • 50 sets of new 6-car train sets would be introduced in phases to the Ampang and Sri Petaling Line to enhance commuter safety and comfort.

  • 14 sets of new 4-car train sets would be introduced in phases to the Kelana Jaya Line. In addition, 22 existing 2-car train sets would be “coupled” to create 11 sets of 4-car train sets to reduce commuter waiting time and to enhance comfort.

  • 12 sets of new 4-car train sets would replace the existing 2-car train sets on the KL Monorail Line to double the train capacity. Three new train sets have been commissioned to service to date.

  • The extended Ampang and Sri Petaling LRT Line would provide improved connectivity and mobility and alternative travel mode to residents of Bukit Jalil, Bandar Kinrara, and Puchong as well as those in Putra Heights.

  • The Kelana Jaya LRT Line Extension Project starts operation on 30 June 2016, providing improved connectivity and mobility to the people in Ara Damansara, Subang Jaya, USJ, Bandar Sunway (via BRT-Sunway Line), and Putra Heights.

  • Prasarana also collaborates with Comos to promote the electric vehicle car sharing programme at LRT stations and key locations in the city centre to further complement the first and last-mile journey of commuters.

  • The facilities for commuters and people with disabilities such as elevators and chair lifts were introduced at the Ampang Line and KL Monorail Line in 2014. The Passenger Automatic Gate System (PAGS) at the KL Monorail Line would be operational once all the new 4-car train sets are commissioned.

  • To enhance the connectivity and mobility of commuters, Prasarana also constructed covered walkways connecting LRT or monorail stations with key locations such as the covered walkways at Sultan Ismail LRT Station – Maju Junction – Medan Tuanku Monorail Station; PWTC LRT Station – PWTC, Taman Jaya LRT Station – Menara PJX; Dang Wangi LRT Station – Bukit Nanas Monorail Station; and Pasar Seni LRT Station – Menara Dayabumi.

  • Prasarana had also constructed two multi-storey Park n’ Ride facilities in Gombak and Ampang that charges a nominal parking rate of RM4 daily for LRT commuters who wish to park their vehicles at the LRT station before continuing their journey by LRT. Prasarana would continually work with the local authorities to further enhance the Park n’ Ride facilities at existing and new stations to promote the usage of public transport services. Ampang multi-storey Park n' Ride is current providing free parking until 30 September 2017.

  • Prasarana would further improve the connectivity and mobility of the people, particularly those at the western corridor of Greater Klang Valley with the development of the proposed LRT3 project which is expected to be completed in August 2020. 
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