Prasarana Rail
and Infrastructure
Projects Sdn Bhd (PRAISE)
  • At a Glance
    Oversee domestic infrastructure projects in particular for the public transportation industry.
    PRAISE, or Prasarana Rail and Infrastructure Projects Sdn Bhd, is set up to focus on major public transport infrastructure projects assigned to the Group. These projects were previously placed under the management of Prasarana’s Project Development Division.
    Apart from being part of a streamlining exercise of the Group’s operations, PRAISE has an expanded scope in its duties and functions in initiating collaboration with external parties on new projects especially with the success of Bus Rapid Transit – Sunway Line project under a Public Private Partnership formula.
    With an upgraded profile as a company, the restructuring exercise allows higher efficiency, stronger authority and speedier decision-making as PRAISE ventures into new business territories for rail and infrastructure projects.
  • Projects by PRAISE
    As of today, PRAISE has successfully achieved milestones of its own through various projects. 

  • Our Key Executives
    Muhammad Isom Azis
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Board Of Directors
    Y. Bhg. Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji Mohd Noor Yaacob
    Dato' Mohamed Hazlan Mohamed Hussain
    Muhammad Nizam Alias
    Ang Yoke Kee
    Dato' Muhammad Isom Azis
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