Prasarana Integrated
Solution & Management
Sdn Bhd (PRISM)
  • At a Glance
    Provide insurance solutions for public transport services.
    Prasarana Integrated Solution and Management Sdn Bhd or PRISM is the arm to manage insurance policies and practices within the Group. What began as only a unit under the finance division was officially established as a subsidiary of Prasarana in 2016.

    PRISM functions to ensure the Group's assets and liabilities are adequately protected and insured with timely recovery of losses. It is also a full-fledged agent to insurers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Making its earnings through commissions, it is self-sustaining and aims to contribute profitable earnings to the Group.

    PRISM aspires to continue its search and ventures to provide numerous and beneficial financial services to the Prasarana Group population.  
    It simply means that rather than giving away the commission to Broker, PRISM is now earning them; which will be used to cover its overhead costs but also with the possibility of contributing dividends to the Group in the future.
    With PRISM, the company is also able to sell their services especially to staff and their families on insurance needs and in turn, make earnings from the deals. It will also continue to study and venture into providing other possible financial services to staff for a win-win formula in the interest of both parties.
    Currently, PRISM is made up of all the existing staff under the Group Insurance Operations including those stationed in Penang and Kuantan; but will be expanding the manpower size as it strives to start a new and glorious chapter for Prasarana.
  • Board Of Directors
    Muhammad Nizam Alias
    Ang Yoke Kee
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