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Rapid Rail Issues Apology over Stray Dog Incident

Tuesday, 13 August 2019
Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, 13 August 2019: Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd would like to apologise for the anxiety and the inconvenience caused to our customers earlier today when a stray dog managed to get into our station and boarded the train at LRT Miharja Station.

LRT Miharja Station is an at-grade station, which means it could potentially be accessed by strays and other animals.

Our Auxiliary Police ("AP") detected the stray immediately upon its intrusion of the platform. Unfortunately, before the stray could be removed, it managed to scamper into the train that arrived at the station at 8.24am.

The AP followed the stray on-board and quietly observed it the entire time it was on the train to avoid causing panic and commotion amongst our guests. Considering that it did not show any signs of aggressiveness, the AP decided to get the stray out at LRT Pandan Jaya Station, another at-grade station, at 8.29am.

It is then captured humanely and released at a location that is within safe distance of our LRT stations.

We thank all of our guests for remaining calm and collected during the incident. We are increasing our vigilance and patrol of all our at-grade stations to ensure such incidence does not recur in the future.

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