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Rapid KL Buses to Implement Full Cashless from 15 April
Thursday, 11 April 2019
Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, 10 April – Rapid KL, which carried more than 400,000 bus passengers daily, is implementing full electronic payment for all its routes; with the exercise to be carried out in stages beginning with its Ampang corridor on April 15.

The Ampang corridor covers eight routes - 300, 302, 303, BET7, T300, T301, T302, T303, T304, T350, T351, Rapid Bus Chief Executive Officer, Muhammad Yazurin Sallij said in a media statement today.

He added that the corridors of Cheras, Sungai Besi and Jalan Klang Lama will commence full implementation of the full cashless system on April 29; while routes under the Damansara, Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Pahang and Jalan Klang Lama corridors will adopt the full electronic system from May 13.

“The final of the eight corridors that we established this year to enhance the stage bus services in Klang Valley and Selangor – Lebuhraya Persekutuan, will be implementing the system on May 27; bringing the entire Rapid KL bus network on full cashless system from that day.

“Hence, we are strongly advising customers are still using cash payments to immediately purchase the cashless travel cards for their convenience. It’s good to start immediately as usage of the cards actually is not only convenient; but provides you 20 percent discount from the normal fare as compared to paying cash every time you board.

“Alternatively, for Malaysians, they can just opt to purchase the My50 packages or the My100 packages, which will also provide them access to use the monorail, LRT, MRT and the MRT feeder buses as well as the Bas Rapid Transit – Sunway Line,” Muhammad Yazurin added.

He said customers can purchase and reload the cashless travel cards at all LRT, MRT, Monorail and BRT customer service counters; which is priced at RM15 that included RM5 for the card and RM10 purse value.

With the cashless travel cards including MyKad for users of My50 and My100, passengers merely need to tap their card on the bus reader when boarding the bus; and tap out when exiting.

“Customers need to ensure that they have a minimum of RM3 card balance before boarding the bus,” he said, adding that concession card holders are given a grace period for one month from the start of the launch date for each corridor to purchase their cards.

“They can still use cash payment while in process of applying their concession card. Concession card holders enjoy 50% discount from the normal fare. The concession card can be applied at http://www.myrapid.com.my, the concession registration counter located Pasar Seni Bus Hub,” he said, adding that reload facilities are available at all LRT, MRT, Monorail and BRT customer service counters.

Rapid KL will also sell the cashless travel cards and provide reload services at selected bus hubs and stops to ease the customers transition to the cashless payment mode.

For more information, customers can visit www.myrapid.com.my. Full details of the corridors are as follows:

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