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Prasarana Sets Passengers’ Welfare, Service Quality as Focus for 2020
Monday, 24 August 2020
Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, 24 August – After a strong performance in 2019, which saw Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) recording a historic RM 1.051 billion in revenue, the first half of 2020 proves to be a huge challenge due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Against this challenging backdrop, the Group will, for the remaining months of 2020, focus on looking after passengers’ welfare while continuing to strive in providing the highest level of service quality and strengthening its current business strategy.

Its President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Encik Muhammad Nizam Alias said Prasarana will also ensure constant cleanliness and safety of its assets and facilities to break the COVID-19 chain as part of efforts to strengthen public confidence in using its services and to boost ridership, which has been severely affected by the pandemic.

“Various promotions for passengers have been launched to woo commuters to opt for the various public transport services extended by us,” he said at a media briefing to announce Prasarana first half 2020 results here today.

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, which was triggered late last year, has caught the world off guard. Lockdown was implemented to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Malaysia initiated a Movement Control Order (MCO) effective from March 18 throughout the nation. Additional measures including wearing face masks, social distancing and contact tracing were made compulsory to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

All businesses were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those in the tourism and airline industries. Prasarana, the public rail and bus services provider, was not spared.

During the 1H2020, both Rapid Rail, which operates the LRT, MRT and monorail services, and Rapid Bus, which operates in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Pulau Pinang, Perak and Pahang, suffered reduced ridership.

Rapid Rail’s ridership dropped by 43.9 percent to 63,239,143 passengers in the first six months of 2020; against a total of 112,729,823 in the corresponding period of 2019. The highest drop was rec-orded in April at 93.7 percent at the height of the #stayathome order. As situation improved and the Order was relaxed into various forms of movement control directives, the ridership started to gradually increase.

For Rapid Bus, the ridership dropped by 49.2 percent during the six-month review period; with a recorded total of 41,307,192 passengers as compared to 81,248,447 in 2019.

The period under review saw Prasarana’s service reliability performance for Rapid Rail upped by 0.04 percent to 99.95 percent; and Rapid Bus improved by 0.61 percent to 98.19 percent against the same period a year ago.

In promoting the usage of its services, Prasarana rolled out the My30 unlimited travel pass on June 15 as part of the Government’s efforts to revitalise the economy that was severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

A special package offered until end of the year, it temporarily replaced the My100 and My50 packages; offering unlimited rides on all Rapid KL public transport services at only RM30 for 30 days. It attracted favourable response; posting sales of 302,052 units between 15 June and 20 August 2020.

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