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Prasarana, Ninja Van Join Forces to launch largest network of parcel collection lockers
Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, 16 April, 2019 — Tech-enabled express logistics company Ninja Van today announced its partnership with Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) to place 86 parcel lockers at every Rapid KL Light Rail Transit (LRT) station from Gombak to Puchong, making it the largest parcel locker network in the Klang Valley. The lockers, also known as “Ninja Box”, will provide a convenient and safe alternative for millions of commuters to pick-up and drop-off their parcels.

The launch of the Ninja Box locker network complements Ninja Van’s current network of over 550 pick-up and drop-off points (comprising partnering retail and convenience stores) across Malaysia. With these, Ninja Van aims to decrease the number of missed parcels and increase successful delivery attempts, so consumers can receive their parcels earlier.

With the growth of e-commerce and social commerce in Malaysia comes the increase in the amount of parcels being delivered to doorsteps. However, for shoppers who are usually not at home to receive their parcels, alternative locations offer a great option for parcel pick-ups and drop-offs.

Shoppers may choose to have their parcels delivered to an individually-assigned, password-protected Ninja Box located at an LRT station of their choice. There, the parcels are securely stored in the Ninja Box until pick-up. In addition to parcel collection, shoppers are also able to drop-off their return parcels. For shippers, especially small-medium e-commerce stores and even social media-based stores, the Ninja Box provide a convenient place to drop-off their parcels for delivery during their daily commute.

Speaking at the event, Prasarana Group Chief Operating Officer (Strategy & Transformation), Ang Yoke Kee said Prasarana is always ready to work with corporate companies to establish strategic partnership for mutual benefits and in the promotion of higher usage of public transport services.

“With an infrastructure of 115 stations and over 151 km length run of rail lines, Prasarana is in a strong position to work with partner in providing mobility and connectivity for all,” said Ang, who congratulated Ninja Van in establishing the partnership.

“Through this partnership, we hope that commuters throughout the Klang Valley will see LRT stations as more than just somewhere you pass through. We want these spaces to have amenities that can enrich the lives of commuters, from providing pick-up and delivery services with the Ninja Box to convenience stores.

“Our collaboration with Ninja Van is another of our endless efforts to enhance convenience for commuters in managing their daily needs; which in turn would woo more people to use the public transport services, especially the ones provided by Prasarana. As leader in the urban public transport provider, Prasarana is aggressively undertaking various initiatives to continually elevate the standard of public transport to world class status.

“This partnership is another way in which we are transforming Rapid KL LRT stations from mere points of transit to integrated full-service hubs with facilities that unburden and enrich the lives of the millions that pass through our turnstiles,” he added.

Ninja Van Malaysia Country Head, Mr Adzim Halim said the strategic partnership with Prasarana and Rapid KL would help offer commuters greater convenience in sending and receiving parcels without any hassle.

“At Ninja Van, technology and operational excellence are the bedrocks for enabling hassle-free delivery experiences and we’re excited to leverage our strengths in providing next-day deliveries with the launch of the Ninja Box parcel locker network,” he said.

Roll out of the Ninja Box, which has begun, will conclude in the second quarter of this year. The partnership between Ninja Van and Prasarana was borne out of the transport giant’s aim to transform its LRT stations from transit points to full-service hubs that provide convenient, value-added services such as parcel collection, general stores, and other amenities for their convenience.

Since its inception in 2014, Ninja Van has become a key player in the e-commerce landscape and is the fastest growing logistics company in Southeast Asia. Ninja Van tailors innovative, tech-enabled solutions to suit all businesses, big or small.

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