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Prasarana Accorded IMS Certification in Unprecedented Six-Month Drive
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, 29 June – Breaking new frontiers, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) has successfully carried out a six-month exercise to be accorded the highly-acclaimed Integrated Management System (IMS) certification; covering five key ISOs on quality management; occupational safety and health; environmental control; anti-bribery and information security.

The approval letter for the IMS certification for the five ISOs - ISO 9001 Quality Management System; ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System; ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System – was handed over to Prasarana yesterday by QAS SIRIM International, which was the appointed auditors for the exercise.

“Based on my years of experience doing this, securing this five ISOs at one time, under a single exercise of six months, it’s indeed the first in the country. I must congratulate everybody involve in the project, not just for their commitment and dedication; but most important, is their belief that this project was achievable. Though, not for even a second that I doubted that it cannot be done within the six months that we set in our KPI with the Board.

“So, on behalf of the management, I would to thank the team for their belief; putting aside all your doubts; and instead getting everybody to focus on the assignment at hand; putting their minds together to ensure ‘Mission Accomplished’. Congratulations, all!!!,” Prasarana’s President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Mohamed Hazlan Mohamed Hussain said in his response to acquisition of the IMS certification.

Taking over the helm of Prasarana on September 3, last year, Dato’ Mohamed Hazlan had immediately kicked off a fresh transformation programme with three core objectives – increasing ridership and revenue for the Group; optimising costs; and enhancing service excellence, which will be driven by the acquisition of the IMS certification. While preparatory works commenced in November including appointment of the relevant committee members, representing the Group and its subsidiaries, the project was formally launched in January with the target for certification before June 30.

“By having the IMS, we know that we have a system, which is consistent and recognised by an independent, respected body. Now, we simply need to follow and replicate the systems in all the things that we do. Everything across the Group will be done in uniformity and consistently. Through this, we will not only have a standard working style; but more importantly, has developed a working culture that will be reflected in our daily operations and observed by our customers. This, in turn, is promoting service excellence.

“To our external stakeholders, the acquisition of the five ISOs under the integrated certification will automatically tell them that we in Prasarana has high quality working system of standard, recognised processes. Hence, they know what to expect when they use our services – they are assured of the best, world class services as reflected by the five ISOs that we acquired,” said Dato’ Mohamed Hazlan.

In building a culture, he said, the best way to start would be by having a system in place with everyone in the organization embracing and adhering to the system.

“Through the adherence of these systems, we would then be able to create an identity of Prasarana staff, which has been a major challenge in the past because Prasarana first existed through the acquisition of key operators of the stage bus services, PUTRA and STAR LRT; and then the KL Monorail services before pooling them together in one single entity, then known as Syarikat Prasarana Malaysia Berhad.

“A lot has evolved over the years and various initiatives had been undertaken to build a common working culture in the Group. I believe we have taken a huge step today by acquiring the IMS certification,” said Dato’ Mohamed Hazlan, who had served in Prasarana before as Chief Operations Executive of Rapid KL.

“When I came back here in September last year, I have always known that the staff of Prasarana have the strength to excel. Now, with the acquisition of the IMS, it is certified that they have the strength of providing world class services as reflected in the company’s vision. With this knowledge, it will give them the self-belief and motivation to work harder and take the Group to new heights.

“I have always believed that nothing is impossible if we commit and believe in ourselves. The keys to achieve something impossible are to have full commitment, to be always prepared, to think out of the box, to have emotional endurance and to always be ready to take calculated risks. Be a high-risk taker. Never listen to those who says you can't do it, but challenge yourself and prove them wrong,” Dato’ Mohamed Hazlan added.

Integrating all of Prasarana’s systems and processes into one complete framework and enabling it to work as a single unit with unified objectives, the IMS will also boost the repositioning of Prasarana to a greater height as a provider of public transport infrastructure and help achieve international management standard recognition.

Having a common management system requirement and functioning as a framework for implementing several management standards in an integrated way, the IMS will help reduce disruption to Prasarana’s business and eliminates duplication of activities.

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