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Free Books to Read at LRT Stations
Friday 10 Aug 2018
Kuala Lumpur
KUALA LUMPUR, 10 August - Beginning August 9, commuters can conveniently pick up your favourite novels for your free-reading at selected Rapid KL LRT stations – courtesy of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) and the innovative Books on the Move Malaysia.

The ‘Books on the Move’ programme was officially unveiled at Rapid KL’s three key stations - KL Sentral, Pasar Seni and Ampang Park where mobile libraries have been set up to promote reading amongst commuters during their daily commute.

Upon finishing their read, commuters would then place back the books at the shelves to be read by others. In sustaining the libraries, members of the public are encouraged to donate their books. For bulk donations, they can drop them at Mereka Makers Space located in Publika Shopping Gallery, Persiaran Dutamas.

Launched by Ms Carol Koh - the founder of Books On The Move Malaysia, the programme is inspired by the Books On The Move Global - a book sharing initiative that started in 2012 in London, and has since spread around to more than 20 over branches across 14 countries spanning from cities like New York, Toronto, Delhi and many more.

“The movement started with book givers going around hiding free books in the city. To expand the movement, I had this crazy idea of setting up book exchange areas in train stations which would also serve as art attractions; a place where we could share our books and would bring a little joy to people who commute to work daily,” added Carol.

So far, the programme have received overwhelming response as commuters are seen taking up the books, as highlighted by its official Facebook page – Books on the Move.

“Half the books were gone when we swung by the community libraries this morning. Very happy that books were taken (and hopefully also being read). Just a friendly reminder though, this is a books exchange area and not a free books corner.

“If you’re taking a book would you also leave a book please? We’re afraid the libraries couldn’t sustain with just books going and no books coming. Just leave your books in small quantities (it’s fine to leave them without our stickers). Swipe left to see library rules. If you would like to donate in bulk (anything more than 10 books) we ask that you drop them in @merekamakerspace instead, to avoid cluttering the books exchange area. Thank you for your help and support to keep this space alive!,” it wrote.

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