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Whistleblower Policy
Prasarana Malaysia Berhad enforced this policy in order to prepare a mechanism for Prasarana Group employee and non-employee to report any misconduct, suspicious activities, untrustworthy or violation of code of business ethics.
Protection to Whistleblower
Whistleblower Policy protect and confidentiality of whistleblower. This policy also protects whistleblower as soon as the misconduct expose. Type of protection given are as follows:

(1) Protection from confidential information
(2) Immunity from civil and criminal acts
(3) Covered from any disciplinary action taken such as dismissal, no salary increases and so on. Coverage will be extended to any person who has a relationship or is related to the whistleblower.
Complaints Channel
To make a complaint, the channel provided are as follows:

Hot Line (Toll Free)
03-22991999 Ext. 1995 & 1114
Chief Integrity Officer (CIO)
Integrity & Governance Unit,
Prasarana Malaysia Berhad,
Level 21, Tower B,
Menara UOA Bangsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Attend to Chief Integrity Officer’s Office:

Level 21, Tower B, Menara UOA Bangsar
Information Required When Making a Complaint

(1) Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address, Email complainant.
(2) Name, Phone Number, Mailing Address, individual correspondence address reported.
(3) Describe the How, Why and Where the misconduct occurs and;
(4) Evidence or information required to support in the investigation.

* The main criteria of the report are correct information based on evidence and not for the personal interests of any party
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