Release Date: 
Tue, 2010-01-12

What is RapidBET?

RapidBET stands for Rapid Bus Express Transit.

BET is a system where the buses utilise less congested highways to link heavily populated areas and the city centre. Naturally, by using the highways, travel time is reduced as the highways are less congested than the normal routes. The service will have limited stops and rely on feeder buses and park-n-ride facilities to ensure sufficient ridership. With BET, travel time is expected to be reduced by up to 50 per cent on certain BETs.


The service is introduced to shorten travel time for the routes chosen. This is one of the initiatives to making bus services attractive and accessible for all commuters.


For the introductory stage, two routes will be implemented starting Tuesday, 12 Jan. The routes are:

How were the BET routes identified?

The routes were identified based on population density and demand.

Will it be extended to other areas?

Yes, depending on demand.

How much time savings?

The time savings differ for each route but on average BET will shorten travel time up to about half on certain BETs.

What is the frequency of the buses?

RapidBET services are only available on weekdays and during the morning and evening peak hours only. For this initial introductory stage, BET will run at 15 to 20-minute intervals during the morning and evening peak hours. Frequency and service periods will be increased at a later stage depending on the demand for each route.

How many additional buses will BET involve?

Buses for BET routes are about four to six buses initially and will be reviewed from time to time as the demand grows. BET is more of an enhancement to the current services, whereby the focus is more to shorten the travel time.

Will RapidBET attract more people to use the bus?

We hope the shorter travel time, at existing fare, will be more attractive to commuters.