Multi-Storey Car Park at Gombak LRT Station

New Features of Multi-storey Carpark

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Can I use MyRapid card for all RapidKL LRT, Monorail and Bus services?
  Currently MyRapid cards can only be used for RapidKL LRT and Monorail services.
  RapidKL bus services will be added in the future.

2. Will I be able to use MyRapid card to pay for the parking at Gombak LRT stations?
  Yes, only MyRapid card can be used to pay parking fees at Gombak LRT station car park.

3. What is the difference between a TnG and MyRapid card?
  The MyRapid card can be used as a stored value card on RapidKL LRT, Monorail services and Gombak
  LRT station car park. The TnG card can be used for public transport and other TnG-based facilities.

4. Can I purchase a Rapidpass using MyRapidcard?
  No, Rapidpass is only available on TnG cards.

Carpark Fare Table