Rapidpass Flexi

What is Rapidpass Flexi?

Rapidpass Flexi is a flexible prepaid facility for unlimited rides, according to the number of days as chosen by the customer. Rapidpass Flexi operates on the Touch ‘n Go prepaid system.


What is the difference between Rapidpass Flexi and the Touch ‘n Go card?

While the Touch ‘n Go card displays your prepaid balance, Rapidpass Flexi displays the balance number of days usable.


What are the benefits of Rapidpass Flexi?

Rapidpass Flexi provides the customers the flexibility to choose the length of card validity period to suit their travel pattern. For example, if the customer just needs to use the RapidKL bus and LRT services for just 7 days, they can choose to purchase the 7-day unlimited travel facility.


How many different types of validity period available?

Customers can choose to purchase the validity period, as follows:

  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 15 days
  • 30 days


Do I need to fill up any forms for Rapidpass Flexi?

No. Customers only need to activate their cards according to which category of Rapidpass Flexi they require. For those who purchase new Touch ‘n Go cards, they are advised to register their cards, via online at www.touchngo.com.my


Where can I purchase Rapidpass Flexi?

Rapidpass Flexi can be purchased and activated at any LRT stations. You just need to pay RM10 for purchase of Touch ‘n Go cards. Transactions are by cash only.


I already have a Touch ‘n Go card. Do I need to purchase a new card for Rapidpass Flexi?

If you already have a Touch ‘n Go card, you just need to purchase and activate your Rapidpass Flexi facility.

How do I use Rapidpass Flexi?

You just need to touch your card at the Touch ‘n Go reader each time you ride a bus, LRT or the Monorail. Balance number of days usable will be displayed at the reader.


What is EZ?

EZ is an auto-reload facility whereby customers need not go to the station or any reload counters to reload and activate the Rapidpass Flexi facility. However, this facility is only relevant to those who purchase the 30-day validity period.


How does EZ work?

Customers only need to ensure they have enough prepaid balance in the card to activate the autoreload facility, according to the Flexi category chosen.


Does Rapidpass Flexi have the EZ facility?

Only for the 30-day Rapidpass Flexi.


I have already purchased the 30-day Rapidpass Flexi with the EZ facility. Now, I do not wish to use the EZ facility temporarily. What do I need to do?

You just need to de-activate your EZ facility at any LRT stations.