Bus Fleet

The RAPID KL buses are a mixed fleet of European and Asian chassis, equipped with modern and innovative components.  

As of April 2008, all buses have been outfitted with more advanced safety features such as the auto interlocking door system, which would not allow the bus to move until both exit doors are totally closed. 

Our buses have low floors to enable passengers to easily embark and alight the buses. Some buses are equipped with ultra-low flooring and disabled friendly facilities such as a ramp and wheel chair lock for the needs of passenger with disabilities. Information on destinations are displayed on the front, side and rear electronic destination boards for the passenger convenience.

RapidKL bus now runs on a fleet size of some 1,100 buses, operating in 165 routes and covering 980 housing estates, with a daily average ridership of 280,000.

As announced in February 2007 by Finance Minister II, YB Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Prasarana has also been entrusted to provide the necessary infrastructure to enhance the public transportation system in Penang. In line with this plan, an initial supply of 150 buses was delivered to Rapid Penang on July 2007. Rapid Penang now runs on a fleet size of about 350 buses.

All buses are designed to help maximize passenger comfort as part of the Government’s ongoing efforts to improve the public transportation system.